Awakening paradise on earth.

Awakening Paradise On Earth




Do you believe in a society where every human is truly connected with one another, and lives in full harmony with the planet?


Let’s awaken paradise on earth, together!


The Challenge


By nature, humans are social beings who thrived for hundreds of thousands of years living in communities. We were deeply connected with other people, nature, and most of all, ourselves. However within the last few centuries, we’ve increasingly become more isolated and disconnected. This has caused an imbalance in our ecosystem leading to major health issues and the destruction of our planet.

The Answer


We’ve forgotten what it means to live within a tribe. It’s now time to remember.

To ignite this memory, we are creating a network of villages as prototypes to support the awakening, evolution, and re-union of humanity and our planet. We will re-establish social interactions, in harmony with our ecosystem. Today, this harmony is needed more than ever, and communities are the most powerful tools we possess to make it happen. It is time to create the world we deserve to live in, one of balance and peace among all beings.

The Foundation

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We are a community of people that will be focused on making as much difference as we can in everyday of our lives. We will be working not only on global challenges like pollution of nature, inequality, hunger, the refugee crisis, etc, but also with local challenges.

In fact, one of the core foundations of The Project Love villages is to support people in need. We are creating villages that will eventually house refugees, orphans, elders, homeless, and those in search of a new life, living together in harmony and peace. They are villages for a unified humanity.

The villages will showcase a flourishing environment based on collaboration, respect and empowerment of one another, where natural resources, and moral values are the foundation for a new harmonious society.

A village built upon a non-negotiable concept of regeneration, rather than sustainability, to correct the damage already caused by human intervention. Everything we create will always take in consideration how it impacts the entire ecosystem of our planet. We will not solve any problems by creating new ones. For example, in the winter we will warm ourselves with clothes made with organic materials and fair trade labor, rather than purchasing cheaper clothes that fuel markets of modern slavery in China.  

We will follow an ethos rooted in love and respect for the earth, and ALL its inhabitants.

The Project


We’ve secured 500+ acres of land in Ojochal, Costa Rica to build our flagship village. Here, we will welcome orphans as our own family, and give them all the love and support that they deserve to receive.

This flagship village will lay the groundwork of The Project Love’s initial site. In order to build this village, we will organize multiple retreats and events to build infrastructure together. This will empower us to be physically a part of this project, and learn new skills such as permaculture, regenerative building systems, unlocking our artistic abilities, and more.

By utilizing both resource-management systems and recreational areas for personal and communal development, the village will boast an outstanding array of infrastructure, purpose built to ensure that the needs of all inhabitants are met. It is a core aim of Project Love that all infrastructure directly contributes to the happiness of the population, the facilitation of regenerative growth, and the unity of a modern tribe centered civilization.

On conclusion of the build, the village will be ready for habitation, to be fully experienced by a community of game changers from all over the world, locals, orphans and those in need.
The Project Love model will be made accessible, open sourced, and applicable all over the world in order to promote positive action and to educate others, and enable them to join us in the creation of a prosperous and ecological future for all human beings.

The Co-creation



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